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About Us

Wild Wolf Country Radio was born out of my lifetime love for this style of music, and was formerly called The Badlands. Be it Progressive Country to Alternative Country or in it’s present form called Americana, it has always been a part of my world. And now through this radio station I can share my music all across the Internet with people who have the same interest in it that I have always had.

So what is Wild Wolf Country about?

Great American Country Music! Just like it used to be, and like it should be today! If the Country Music artists gets it right, we’re playing them here!

We’re all about bringing you the best Americana Music on the Internet. Alt. Country, Folk, Outlaw Music, The Texas Scene, Southern Rock, Roots Rock, Roots Country, and music by Country Artists that new how to get it right! It’s all there for you.

We find it. We get it. And we play it. Loud and Clear!

We’re all about providing music to our listeners through a crystal clear, CD quality, 128k stream. We bring the music strong. And we bring the music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Donate with PaypalWe’re all about satisfied listeners. Listeners are the heart of any radio station. If there is something you want to hear, and you are not hearing it, let us know. We will track it down and get it into the rotation ASAP! We want you making The Badlands a regular stop on your Internet music search.

Lastly, we’re all about fairness. Sure, we play the big boys. But we also very strongly believe in letting the Independent artists be heard as well. That’s the difference betweenWild Wolf Radio and traditional radio. Tune us in and you’ll see. You’re going to hear a lot of great music on Wild Wolf Radio that you will NEVER hear on main stream radio!

Remember this! We’re not your ordinary country music radio station.

We dare to be different!

We’re Wild Wolf Country !!

Bad Wolf